It is alarming, he’s never ever shown interest in individuals

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It is alarming, he’s never ever shown interest in individuals

mimi’s delivery service

yoonmin: once he’s old jimin actually leaves home to settle because the a good witch in a faraway area. they are unaware that once he‘s out of their home town he will 100 % free his pet common out-of an enchantment. today their cat enjoys a person form and then he claims to feel a great warlock called min yoongi!

taekook: once days from maybe not watching both, jungkook courageously appears within kim’s bakery disregarding their boyfriend’s discipline. taehyung panics and spends a concoction away from jimin’s place to cover up jungkook. jungkook will not turn undetectable, though; he turns into a bunny.

football bien au

soccer team captain Min Yoongi in the long run has an effective break with the someone! Playground Jimin, the newest student are lucky to get the captain’s focus but the latest boy doesn’t want almost anything to create with football people, the guy dislikes football.

soulmate bien au

unlike a lot of people, jimin doesn’t rely on the precision of soulmate program. he does not love shopping for his soulmate while the he second thoughts he’ll be seduced by him or her. however he’ll reject destiny as he meets his soulmate. as well crappy he can’t end thinking about him.

nearest and dearest soulmates

Yoongi knows he could be petty however, the guy really hates his mom’s boyfriend. Even with his soulmate mark featured as he fulfilled the latest boy of told you boy. Whether your rejection to your guy try more powerful than the will to own Jimin, why does it hurt so much getting apart?

sugar kid

yearly, yoongi’s buddy brings family a new spouse for their family trip into the country. yoongi’s members of the family court him but yoongi has never most cared. until this time, whenever yoongi takes a powerful preference into the their uncle’s sugar kid, a son doing his many years entitled jimin.

go out traveling

yoongi try a period of time travelers in love, that’s problematic alone. and succeed bad, it occurs that he is in love with jimin, the person trailing the newest counter inside the resort diyosuun, a vintage lay where date subscribers check out repair their injuries. a place jimin can’t ever exit.

phony relationships show

yoonmin: once giving a nude in order to their loved ones on the accident jimin lies in the with a sweetheart to hide the truth about their fetish account. jimin’s dad desires satisfy told you boyfriend and the best option for it appears to be jimin’s stoic photography, min yoongi.

taekook: since that time it fulfilled, taehyung’s cameraman happens to be immediately following your but taehyung has actually declined every one of his advances, acting as in the event the he had been tired of them. that’s up until guys and you can taehyung can not let however, skip the appeal.

fuckboy bien au

yoonmin: Yoongi try a fuckboy who would like to hook which have innocent Jimin out-of Thinking category for just the problem off corrupting new nice man. Works out Jimin is not as straight while the individuals believes. Very perhaps Yoongi is the that played with at stop

taekook: Taehyung actually yes as to the reasons the guy denied his relatives which have experts love confession. throughout per week, as he and Jungkook drift aside and you may Taehyung begins missing your, Taehyung inquiries their emotions and you may discovers himself regretting their choice.

opposites appeal

Just like the bashful Yoongi doesn’t understand how to operate to their smash his close friends suggest he will get information from their roomie, class creature Jimin. However, Yoongi actually fond of people also distinctive from your and you will how can somebody including Jimin help your?

yoongi is one to

Jimin keeps an idea: individuals are simply preferred on account of who it time. When the what is needed to make one particular unwelcome beginner on the this new school’s center of attention is actually anybody popular interested in her or him, Jimin can change loner Minute Yoongi on prom king.

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